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VANGUARD Key Benefits
NEW for 2024, Version 25 (released November 3, 2023)
NEW VANGUARD 365 POWER USER EDITION also available (included free with your purchase) for Microsoft 365 Power Users for the ultimate in customization and control over your reporting system.
● Can be modified and customized extensively
● Create an unlimited number of home and commercial templates  
● Create multiple custom Comment Libraries for different types of inspections
● Advanced Annotation and Drawing Tools
● Advanced Voice Recognition Technology
● Share custom Comment Libraries across templates or with other inspectors 
● Custom Comments Libraries can be embedded in templates or can be external (a BestInspectors.Net exclusive feature)
● Optimized for use on Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop 
● Built on the World's most popular and most powerful development platform, Microsoft 365
System Requirements
Download (from Box.com, no account needed) or Download (alternate)
Download VAGUARD 365 Power User Edition

Vanguard is our most popular home and commercial inspection report software. It is one of the most technically advanced yet easy to use home and commercial inspection reports on the market today. Vanguard is equally capable as home inspection report software and as commercial inspection report software. It has all the features you expect to find in high-end inspection report software and many features you won't find in any other software at any price. Your ability to customize reports is unparalleled in the inspection industry. 

The new VANGUARD 365 POWER USER EDITION combines the traditional VANGUARD inspection report with Microsoft 365 controls for the ultimate in flexibility and customization. VANGUARD is built on the Microsoft 365 platform, but no knowledge of Microsoft 3645 is needed. However, if you are a Microsoft 3645 user and know how to use its multitude of powerful tools, this is the VANGUARD you have been waiting for. With your purchase, you can download and use any report in the XL PRO Series, including the new VANGUARD 365 POWER USER EDITION. You can download, install, and use both VANGUARD editions. The regular VANGUARD has already been the most advanced and customizable inspection report the home and commercial inspection world has every seen, but now VANGUARD 365 POWER USER EDITION takes your ability to transform VANGUARD into a report that is exclusively tailored to you to a whole new level.    

Vanguard combines the home inspection industry's most popular report format with advanced tools such as the Category Assignment Tool and Comments Library Assembly Wizard, two powerful and exclusive tools found only in BestInspectors.Net inspection software. Advanced tools such as the CLAW - the "Comment Library Assembly Wizard" make report writing quick, easy and stress free. Advanced photo insertion and photo editing make it easy to create great looking reports that anyone will be able to read and understand.
Check out the videos in the Help section. You can watch a brief walkthrough of Vanguard's key features or you can watch very short videos of individual features. The best way to see what Vanguard can do for you is to call for a free remote one-on-one live demonstration. Check out the videos in the Help section. You can watch a brief walkthrough of Vanguard's key features or you can watch very short videos of individual features. The best way to see what Vanguard can do for you is to call for a free remote one-on-one live demonstration. The list of features found in Vanguard seems endless. One thing is for sure. No other home and commercial inspection reporting system brings the value to your business that XL Pro Vanguard brings.

Need Help Deciding Which Report Is Best for You?

Call 313-920-5997 to have all your questions answered. We will even give you a free one-on-one live remote demonstration so you can see VANGUARD's powerful features first hand with no learning curve. This is a No Cost, No Obligation call. 

Advanced Report Writing Technology not found anywhere else


When it comes to inspection report writing software, freedom and versatility are key. Vanguard allows you to be free to be yourself. Vanguard can be modified and customized extensively. An inspection report is a very personal part of your business. Your reports make a statement about you and your company. The level of customization available in Vanguard and the other inspection reports in the XL PRO family of reports is unparalleled.


Vanguard's many features make it extremely versatile. Whether you only do traditional pre-purchase home inspections or do a wide variety of home and commercial inspections, Vanguard has the features and tools you need.

Do you want to write reports in the field on a laptop or tablet? Do you prefer to write reports back at your office where you can relax and focus on writing the report without distractions? Either way, Vanguard has you covered. Vanguard is equally suitable to the field or the office. 

State-of-the-Art Report Writing Technology

Nothing sets BestInspectors.Net inspection report software apart more than our use of cutting edge technology. We built Vanguard's powerful and innovative tools on the World's most advanced development platform, Microsoft Office. Tools such as the Category Assignement Tool™ (CAT), Comment Library Assembly Wizard™ (CLAW), Global Search (of pre-written comments), lightning fast photo insertion, built-in photo editing, advanced annotation, Total Control Summary™ (TCS) set Vanguard apart from the rest.

Free Training and Support

For all its power and versatility, Vanguard is amazingly easy to use but we are here for you when you need us.

Your success is our goal. You are busy and we know that you want to be up and running in the shortest possible time. Vanguard includes FREE one-on-one set-up assistance and a FREE training session. Most inspectors will have the software up and running and lernthe basics in LESS THAN ONE HOUR!

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Vanguard Screen Shots

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System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (any edition except RT)
Microsoft365 or Office 2013 or newer (any edition except RT or Starter)
2GB RAM (4 GB or more is recommended for best performance) 

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