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Home Inspection Report (REI 7-6) Software

InspectorLogic Texas Edition Key Benefits
● 100% REI 7-6 Compliant (Mandatory as of 1 August 2021)
● Create an unlimited number of home and commercial templates
● Easily copy pre-written narratives from the database into reports 
● Lightning fast and easy photo insertion
● Advanced Voice Recognition Technology
●  WYSIWYG Interface
● Optimized for use on Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop 
● Advanced XFA Application Technology
Download a DEMO (the Demo is REI 7-5, but the current version is REI 7-6)
System Requirements 

InspectorL  ogic Pro Texas Edition meets the demands of today's competitive business world at an affordable price. InspectorLogic Texas Edition is the perfect choice for the new inspector who wants a state-of-the-art report system but does not want a lot of gimmicks and fluff.  

InspectorLogic Pro Texas Edition is an investment, not an expense. No other Texas REI 7-6 Inspection Report gives you so much for your hard-earned money. If you later decide to upgrade to XL Pro TexTrex Pro, you can apply 100% of your original purchase price toward the upgrade. 

The ultimate in versatility. There is no need for an Internet connection while you do your reports. Most home inspection software that is advertised as being able to run on tablets are, in fact, running on a cloud server and require a live Internet connection in order to operate. InspectorLogic Pro Texas Edition runs directly from your tablet with no need for an Internet connection.

InspectorLogic Pro Texas Edition for Windows or Mac employs XFA technology, the state-of-the-art in PDF application technology. PDF is the industry standard for home inspection reports. No other home and commercial software takes PDF technology to the level of InspectorLogic Professional Texas Edition. InspectorLogic Pro is also available in a non-Texas.

Need Help Deciding Which Report Is Best for You?

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State-of-the-Art Cross-Platform Report Writing Technology


When it comes to inspection report writing software, freedom and versatility are key. InspectorLogic Pro allows you to be free to be yourself. Vanguard can be modified and customized extensively. An inspection report is a very personal part of your business. Your reports make a sttement about you and your company. 


InspectorLogic Pro's many features make it extremely versatile. Whether you only do traditional pre-purchase home inspections or do a wide variety of home and commercial inspections, InspectorLogic Pro has the features and tools you need.

Do you want to write reports in the field on a laptop or tablet? Do you prefer to write reports back at your office where you can relax and focus on writing the report without distractions? Either way, InspectorLogic Pro has you covered. InspectorLogic Pro is equally suitable to the field or the office. 

State-of-the-Art Report Writing Technology

Nothing sets BestInspectors.Net inspection report software apart more than our use of cutting edge technology. InspectorLogic Pro is the most advanced XFA PDF inspection report sofwae on the market today.

Free Training and Support

For all its power and versatility, InspectorLogic Pro is amazingly easy to use but we are here for you when you need us.

Your success is our goal. You are busy and we know that you want to be up and running in the shortest possible time. InspectorLogic Pro includes FREE one-on-one set-up assistance and a FREE training session. Most inspectors will have the software up and running and lern the basics in LESS THAN HALF AN HOUR!

Screen Shots

InspectorLogic Screen Shots

System Requirements (InspectorLogic Pro):
Microsoft Windows 10, Mac OS X, or macOS
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (available free from Adobe.com)
4GB RAM (8 GB or more is recommended for best performance)
macOS requires a PDF Print Driver that supports encypted XFA PDFs 

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