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Version 18
Build 427090008

Home Inspection Report and Business System
Version 18, Early Release version 08 November 2016
Requires MS Windows 7 or newer and MS Office 2016, 2013, or 2010

Screen Shots
The screen shots are from an earlier version. This page will be updated with version 18 screenshots soon.
All features shown here are also available in version 18.

Main Control Panel

Main Control Panel Drop Menus


Comments Library Assembly Wizard

Search for Comments in the Library using a key word or phrase

Spelling Checker

Annotate Photos with Shapes

Create Custom Checkboxes with a single mouse click

Photo Insertion is FAST and EASY!

Comments Library Assembly Wizard allows you to select multiple comments at once

The Global Search makes it easy to pull ANY comment from the Library quickly

The Category Assignment Tool is Your Window to Your Library
Assign Library categories to report fields, create new categories, edit your Library

Most fields in the report have a Drop-Down
Other fields are filled in automatically based on job information

Advanced Photo Editing

A Few of the Photo Editing Options

A Few of the Photo Editing Options

A Few of the Photo Editing Options

Inserting a Photo on the General Information Page

Building Description on the General Information Page

Navigating within a section using Search

View Page Sets

Job Set-up Form

Fine-tune the Appearance of your report by adjusting Row Heights

More Checkbox Options

Double-click for a standard checkmark, right-click for an X or use a Stylized Check from the Control Panel

Sections Automatically Expand to Accomodate Your Narratives and Photos

Earlier versions

Earlier versions of Vanguard are available for download for the convenience of our customers. They are not available for sale and we no longer provide technical support for them. Lost activation codes are available for three years from the date of purchase.

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