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Tons of free stuff! We have lots of great free software available for download to help make your job easier.  One of the most popular is the Residential Electrical Service Size Calculator.   The calculator requires no knowledge of electrical systems.  Just plug in the answers to questions about the house and the calculator will tell you the calculated Demand Load, the service size, the service entrance conductor size and event he required conduit size for the service conductors.  There is not another calculator like it available anywhere and its free! We also have PDF software, engineering software, drawing and sketching software, articles, quizes and much more. The best part is that everything is FREE!

Access the free software, articles, quizes and lots of other great stuff in the BestInspectors.Net shared folder on You will need a free account to access the shared folder. 

The free Tips For Success newsletter brings you essential tips for success in the home inspection business.  These are the things you NEED to know!  That's not all.  As a subscriber to the newsletter you also have access to free technical and business articles and eBooks.  you will also have access to our free Web based and Live online courses.  Many of our courses are approved by the major home inspection trade associations for continuing education credits.
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