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Microsoft Windows and Office Support for earlier versions

Note: This information was obtained form Microsoft and is subject to change without notice

Microsoft support ends for:

Windows 2000 30-June-2005

Windows Windows XP 18-September-2008 mainstream support ended
Windows Windows XP (all editions & SP3) 13-July-2010
Windows Vista 12-July-2011
Windows 7 13-January-2015
Windows 8 (current version) 9-January-2018

Office 97 16-January-2004
Office 2000 21-October-2003
Office 2002 (aka XP) 09-March-2005
Office 2003 (aka Office 10) 14-April-2009
Office 2007 (aka Office 11) 24-June-2010 mainstream support ended for SP2
Office 2010 (aka Office 14) 23-July-2013 mainstream support ended for SP1
Office 2010 (aka Office 14) 23-July-2014 mainstream support will end for SP2
Office 2011 (Mac) 12-January-2016
Office 2013 (aka Office 15) 10-April-2018

The dates listed above are subject to change at Microsoft's discretion




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