Inspection Excellence through Education and Camaraderie
Members of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) are the most educated and best trained inspectors in the world and NACHI is committed to keeping it that way. Toward that end NACHI has taken steps to encourage member pursuit and maintenance of inspection excellence and we have accomplished this without additional charge to members. We believe that fees, like taxes, deter professional development and that the best way to encourage the continuing education of our membership is by supporting variety, accessibility, and affordability in educational options.
NACHI members start off by fulfilling certain requirements before they can even apply for membership. They have access to the NACHI University which is free. NACHI�s Ethics Obstacle Course is open-to-all and free. NACHI�s photo web gallery of defects is the largest in the world, open-to-all and free. NACHI�s online visual aid frames library is the largest in the world, open-to-all, and free. NACHI�s online exam preparation tool with a pool of over 2500 multiple choice questions and answers is the largest in the world, and free. NACHI�s online searchable inspector glossary is the largest in the world, open-to-all, and free. NACHI�s Standards of Practice quiz, which reveals where an inspector may be veering, is self-evaluating, open-to-all, and free. NACHI, far more than any other source, provides educational events around the world, open-to-all, and free. NACHI refuses paid advertisements to enhance trust in our information. NACH�s interactive, photo message board, with over 74,000 topics, is the industry�s largest and most popular, very educational, open-to-all, and free. NACHI�s online Inspector Examination, with over a trillion different versions, taken over 30,000 times, and which generates a custom inspector-weakness pie chart upon completion, is graded instantly, open-to-all, and free. NACHI�s 1-day HVAC, mold, and electrical seminars are open-to-all and free to members. NACHI's message board protects free-speech so visitors can determine the truth. NACHI publishes Dear NACHI online which gives detailed answers to specific inspection-related questions, is open-to-all, and free. NACHI provides product recall alerts. NACHI publishes Whats New, an inspection industry update, online, open-to-all, and free. NACHI�s 1/2 day mock-inspections of actual homes provide true hands-on training and are free. NACHI�s local chapter meetings typically present technical speakers, are open-to-all, and free. NACHI provides report review services for free. NACHI�s annual convention is very educational. NACHI permits all outside/for-profit continuing education providers to advertise their courses to our members on NACHI�s websites for free. NACHI maintains a Question of the Day thread, open-to-all, and free. NACHI negotiates member discounts on nearly every continuing education provider�s courses. NACHI�s meetings distribute a wide variety of educational literature to all for free. NACHI�s staff, committee members, chapter leaders, veteran members, special-expertise members, and advisory boards are constantly helping members one-on-one for free. NACHI members typically provide fellow members with free ride-a-longs on actual inspections for free. Over the years NACHI has arranged for third-party providers to offer our members online training for free. NACHI employees some of the world�s leading trainers and makes them available to members for free. NACHI does not charge for or unduly withhold approval of any organization�s continuing education courses, even those offered by other inspection associations. NACHI�s 23,000+ page website is itself very educational. And coming in 2005, NACHI will release a virtual House of Horrors, the NACHI Inspector magazine, an online wood destroying insect course, and an occupant hazard recognition primer, all very educational and all free. NACHI even has online educational inspection-related crossword puzzles, open-to-all and free of course.
A variety of accessible and affordable educational options encourages and enhances the professional development of all our members, but our most precious educational tool is our spirit of camaraderie. NACHI members continue to pursue, achieve, and maintain inspection excellence in an atmosphere of members helping fellow members. Please join us in this spirit.
Nick Gromicko
Executive Director
National Association of Certified Home Inspectors
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