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Management Science International, inc.

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Management Science Institute - A Professional Association
Management Science Institute is a Member Supported professional association whose members share the belief that the management and administration of business is a learned set of skills that must be continuously refined and altered to meet changing demands.

We view management not as a purely theoretical science but as an applied science and technology. Our goal is to bring together managers and highly skilled people from industries as diverse as manufacturing, construction, and education, among others, to transfer best management practices of these separate industries to all industries.

Management Science Institute


The most dangerous mistake business owners make is "I think". Not everyone thinks the way you think. You might get luckey and make some good decisions by basing them on what you think but the odds are not in your favor. You need to know what your customers and stakeholders think. What they think is often the opposite of what you expect. We conduct research for all facets of real estate, home and commercial building inspection, and construction, and other businesses.  We can conduct your research project for you or you can benefit from our research through our business coaching programs.

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General Management and Business Administration
Certified Professional Management Consultant
Certified Management Professional
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Project Management and Construction
Certified Professional Project Manager
Certified Construction Management Professional
Certified Construction Professional
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